What is The Great Adventure Challenge Event?

2017 is the 10th year for The Great Adventure Challenge at Pleasant Mountain. It is a unique triathlon that encompasses three disciplines. It involves approximately 2.5 miles of kayaking or canoeing over a closed course of 2.5 miles, followed by approximately 16+ miles of designated trails of mountain biking, followed by a 2 mile run/hike/trek up and down Shawnee Peak, which has an elevation change of 1300 ft. The Challenge can be done by either individuals or by teams. Whether you are a hardened expert or first-timer, the course is the same; the Challenge is the same; an even playing field. This event is not considered an overly extreme event, nor is it for the faint of heart.

The kayaking/canoeing course will be visible for your supporters from Rt. 302 on the causeway of Moose Pond. There are several areas of the bike course that are particularly interesting. One of the more dramatic locations is at Pratt’s Hill, a truly challenging 700 ft. long uphill dirt section with a 125 ft elevation change; the bike portion ends with competitors coming down one of the ski slope, in full view, to the running transition area. The run/hike/trek up and down Shawnee Peak is visible from the staging area at the mountain next to the finish line and affords viewing of much of the run.


The Great Adventure Challenge at Pleasant Mountain will take place on Saturday, August 19th, 2017. Final Registration Time ends at 8:30 am August 19th, 2017 at Shawnee Peak. The Challenge will start at 9:00 am in Moose Pond, in your kayak or canoe. You will be required to set up your bike equipment in the transition area by 8:15 am that morning. There will be a mandatory Pre-Challenge briefing. The time and location of the briefing will be announced at the sign-in table.


The Great Adventure Challenge at Pleasant Mountain will take place in the Lake Region of Bridgton, Maine at the Shawnee Peak Ski Area and the surrounding area. Shawnee Peak is located approximately 40 miles northwest of Portland, Maine on Rt. 302. Coming from New Hampshire, you will come 17 miles southeast of No. Conway, NH. on Rt. 302.

On Challenge Day, men’s and women’s changing rooms are available. Toilet facilities are available within the Lodge. At present, we have no hot shower facilities. There are a number of bed & breakfast lodgings and several motels in the area found on the Chamber of Commerce website. We highly recommend The Pleasant View, Too for your accommodation needs. August is a busy month in this area, so book early. After the Challenge, there will be free food and drink for each competitor and one designate of a competitor. Other supporters will be charged a nominal fee for food and drinks.


Individuals (singles) and teams are both encouraged to enter. Singles must be 17 years or older. (Proof of age may be required). Teams can consist of 2 or 3 members (all 17 years or older, any gender combination). The individual legs of the Challenge cannot be divided up. Each leg of the Challenge must be completed, in it’s entirety, by a single team member. If the team has only two members, obviously, one member will complete any two legs of their choice. An official Race Medallion will be provided to each single and to each team captain. Teams will switch the medallion from member to member at transition areas. This medallion will be punched at select locations. Upon competition of the Challenge, each medallion will have separate and distinct holes to indicate total completion of the course.

Divisions & Awards

Every competitor will receive a free t-shirt. Awards will be for overall times. Singles will be divided into three age groups: (17-34, 35-49 and 50+) for both male and female. Awards will be given for overall fastest 1st – 2nd – 3rd in all six Single Divisions. Teams will compete with other teams within the Team Division regardless of makeup. Awards will be given for 1st – 2nd – 3rd for the overall fastest teams by division. There will be an award for First Overall to complete the Challenge course. It is our intent to time all legs as well as overall time. Bragging Rights are all you get for winning an individual leg. (See Record Holders)


Each competitor will be responsible for providing the following minimum gear: A mountain bike, helmet (must be CPSP certified), running gear, a canoe or kayak and paddles (get info on kayak rental/purchase), a life jacket (a Coast Guard approved PFD type I, II, II or V) . Repairs to bikes on course will be the responsibility of the individual competitors, so carry what you think you might need. There will be water stations; however, we suggest you carry water. First Aid will be available as will First Responders. Matching team shirts are encouraged but not required.


Registration fee is $60.00 for singles and $150.00 for teams (2 or 3 members). Registration fee is non-refundable after August 13th. (See Registration for details) Team rosters need not be finalized until race day at the close of registration. All proceeds go to support Morrison Center Fundraising Committee for the purpose of providing opportunities to adults with mental retardation and Autism.


  • All competitors must be 17 years of age or older. (Proof of age may be required)
  • All competitors must be present for registration and the pre-Challenge briefing.
  • Teams must have a designated team leader.
  • All competitors must sign a waiver at registration.
  • Each leg of the Challenge must be completed separately by one person or one team member. Individual legs cannot be divided up.
  • All bikers must wear their helmet throughout the leg.
  • All paddlers must wear their flotation devices throughout the leg.
  • All competitors must start at the designated start line and remain within the designed course and cross the designated finish line with their medallion.
  • No interference or alteration of the designated course is permitted.
    No outside assistance is permitted.
  • Every competitor must wear their provided race bibs/numbering at all times while they are competing.