2016 Race Results

Trophy Winners

Course Overall (all genders and age brackets)
1st: Brian Edwards 2:05:20
2nd: Ed Hofmeister 2:09:23
3rd: Kevin Callahan 2:11:01

Men Overall (age 17-34)
1st: Nevin Rallis 2:12:45
2nd: Tim Gilz 2:31:33
3rd: Mike Latti 2:52:13

Men Overall (age 35-49)
1st: Brian Edwards 2:05:20
2nd: Ed Hofmeister 2:09:23
3rd: David Thomas 2:15:17

Men Overall (50+)
1st: Kevin Callahan 2:11:01*
2nd: Ralph Colarusso 2:30:37
3rd: Mike Adams 2:31:58

Women Overall (17-34)
1st: Megan Greszler 2:41:03
2nd: Amber Pingree-Felts 3:40:43
3rd: Julie Mahony 3:50:58

Women Overall (35-49)
1st: Jennifer Genovese 2:37:59
2nd: Angela McLeod 2:57:40

Women Overall (50+)
1st: Kelly Edwards 2:31:38*
2nd: Rosemary Danner

Team Overall (combined age of 51-100)
1st: Safety First 2:29:43
2nd: Glenny and the Jets 3:12:20
3rd: Proud Feet 3:22:24

Team Overall (combined age of 101-150)
1st: Crew 222 2:27:13
2nd: No Nuts, Just Guts 2:57:00
3rd: Yeah, At Least We’re Handsome 2:57:06

Team Overall (combined age of 151+)
1st: Dos Tres Marauders 2:26:40

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